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Skin Tightening with the AFFIRM

At THE LASER CLINIC® we are excited to offer our clients the latest advancements in Skin Tightening. Without surgery or injections this is a wonderful compliment to enhance skin tone. The Skin Tightening procedure heats up the deep dermis (subcutaneous) tissue well below the skin's surface (epidermis). This allows for all skin types to be safely treated. When combined with Genesis or IPL Photofacials we achieve the ultimate SKIN TIGHT SKIN BRIGHT experience. For optimum results the Skin Tightening procedure is recommended in a series of 4-6 treatments and touch up treatments are expected as part of ongoing maintenance. Thermal heating of the deep tissue stimulate contraction of the water molecules and produces a protective response in the skin which stimulates healing and increased collagen and elastin production.

The EYES HAVE IT! Great results around the crows feet results are after one month post 3 treatments of the AFFIRM multiplex cap technology.

SKIN TIGHTENING OF THE NECKAFTER SKIN TIGHTENING with the AFFIRM multplex cap technology. Our goal at THE LASER CLINIC is to help our clients feel their best in their own skin.

Skin tightening on full face noticable improvements of Nasal Labial Fold

Affirm before and after photos

Laser Anti-Aging Q&A

Cosmetic lasers are proven to effectively treat the wrinkles,
photo aging and skin discolorations that time and sun have
wrought. In addition to minimizing these imperfections, laser
treatment also stimulates collagen production, making your
skin appear more supple and full. So even if the years have
taken their toll, you can now easily turn the clock back.

How does it work?

Cosmetic laser treatments reverse the signs of aging and sun-damaged skin by stimulating collagen production and promoting tissue tightening through tissue coagulation.

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Am I a candidate?

It’s as simple as this—if your skin is showing signs of aging or damage, then you are a candidate for laser treatment. Your practitioner can help you determine your specific needs.

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Are there any side effects to treatment?

Anti-aging treatment should cause only minimal discomfort. Any redness, swelling or puffiness that occurs can be gone within a few days, if not a few hours. Many of our clients stay for a Specialized Mask and it dramatically reduces the redness and calms the skin down.

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How many treatments are required?

The treatment causes only minimal discomfort. Any redness or swelling should be gone within a day and you’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately. If you are concerned about lingering redness keep that in mind when planning your functions as it is typical to be flushed looking for the first 24 hours. Clients may require from 2 – 6 treatments to achieve desired results. The treatments are typically spread out 4-5 weeks apart. Each session will last from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. We schedule more time for you to allow for cooling and comfort.

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How long do results last?

Results vary with each client. The results are cumulative and get better with time. For example, if a photo is taken at the one month post treatment and again at the two months post treatment, the two month photo often is better at the second month. For the best results do the series of treatments close together so that you achieve your maximum "Wow" effect.

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How much does it cost?

Full Face AFFIRM treatment will cost $700.00. Smaller areas can be done such as lower face or full neck for $350.00. When both the face and neck are treated together a savings is built in for you at $900.00. Packages are available when you prepay for 5 you get the 6th one for free. This can be decided after your first treatment. Some clients have very small areas or scars or stretchmarks that need to be rejuvenated we can base pricing on the number of pulses required for the size of the area.

FULL FACE $700.00
FULL FACE & NECK $900.00

We will treat small areas such as scars. The price is based on the number of pulses required. 50 pulses is $100.00. Please have a consult so that we may assess your needs together.

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