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"Thank You Jessica for my last treatment. The white nodule on my lower lip is much smaller."
~ Sylvia

Scar & Stretch Mark Reduction

Lasers have come a long way. They can now improve the look and texture of scar tissue and have had impressive results with stretch marks. We have multiple lasers which we use for the rejuvenation of skin tissue. During your complimentary consultation we will help you choose the most appropriate treatment for you.

The AFFIRM Multiplex has won awards for its innovation with 2000 culminated beams of combined wavelengths penetrating into the subcutaneous layers of the skin to stimulate repair. This newer deeper penetrating technology has surprised us with fabulous results on scar tissue, even deep pitting scars from acne are having wonderful success or improvement. When treating small areas of scar tissue the fee is based on the number of pulses and can start from as low as $100 per treatment for 50 pulses.

 Old Acne scars After 2 treatments of the AFFIRM multiplex cap technology for improved scar tissue and complexion blending. This client is thrilled that she now uses less make up and when she does wear it it goes on much smoother. Feeling comfortable in her own skin is a great feeling. Dramatic results for a half face treatment with the "award winning Multiplex cap" technology. The goal is to improve scar tissue from old acne scars and improve the over all complexion, texture and pore refining of the skin. The feed back from the client is she does not feel as though she needs to wear as much make up and when she does it goes on much smoother.

Quite often a combined approach is taken for optimal results on scar tissue or stretch marks. Redness in a scar can usually be reduced with 1 - 3 Vascular treatments, and the texture of scar is improved with Laser Genesis in 2 - 5 treatments, and in some situations we recommend Microdermabrasion treatment prior to the Laser Genesis to obtain the best results. During a Laser Genesis treatment the tissue is gently warmed up to encourage remodeling of the dermis. This takes time and the best results will continue to develop many weeks after the last Genesis treatment is completed. It takes time for the new collagen filled fibroblast to reach the surface of the epidermis.

As with all procedures we recommend good care for the skin and a minimum of 30 SPF sunscreen on all exposed skin to the sun.

For any additional questions regarding this procedure feel free to contact the office where you will be given all the information that you need --
905 850-SKIN (7546) or 877 LASER US.

Sscar Tissue Treatment

After one AFFIRM Mulitplex treatment for skin rejuvenation

16 year old scar treated with combo of Vascular and Laser Genesis

Photos courtesy of: Mona Sappenfield

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