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TLC Services Pricelist

Price List


Laser Hair Removal - We offer multiple Laser systems. All prices are PER session

Face Price
Upper Lip $50.00
Upper Lip and Lower Lip (Perioral) $75.00
Chin and Anterior Neck $125.00
Upper Lip & Chin & Anterior Neck $160.00
Cheeks/sideburns $125.00
Forehead (from hairline to top of the eyebrows) $125.00
Full face and Anterior ( including upper neck) $250.00
Lower half face (upper lip, chin, cheeks, anterior) $200.00
Sideburns $100.00
Full Face and Full Front Neck $300.00
Ball of Chin $50.00
Head Price
Back of neck $100.00
Entire neck and nape of neck $200.00
Torso: Upper Price
Chest $200.00
Abdomen down to start of pubic hair $175.00
Chest and abdomen $299.00
Sternum (between breasts) $100.00
Areola (nipple area) $50 when add on $89.00
Back: full upper and lower, including top of shoulders add $50 for back of neck $299.00
Shoulders (from clavicle on front & back) $225.00
Back upper $200.00
Back lower $150.00
Buttocks this includes perianal (extra charge if hair extends to the out4er sides of the leg) $250.00
Torso: Lower Price
Basic Bikini Line (up to 3” wide on thighs)
Male or Female
Linea ( 3” wide belly button to pubic bone)
Male or Female
Basic Bikini Line($99.00) and Linea($50.00)
Male or Female
"Brazilian Style" for Women
Basic Bikini Line($99) and Labia($50)
Basic Bikini Line($99) Linea($50)Labia($50)
Basic Bikini Line($99)Linea($50)Labia($50)
"Brazilian Style" for Men
Basic Bikini($99)and Base of Penis ($50)
Basic Bikini($99) Linea($50)
Basic Bikini($99) and Scrotum($100)
Basic Bikini($99)Linea($50)Base of Penis($50) Scrotum($100)
Lower half circle at Base of Penis





Scrotum on its own $200.00
Full Shaft of Penis $200.00
Perianal Male or Female $100.00
Inner thighs $200.00
Buttocks with perianal $250.00
Limbs Price
Axillae (underarms) $50 as add on $89.00
Both Full arms including hands and fingers $250.00
Forearms, hands, and fingers $150.00
Upper arms $150.00
Hands and fingers $89.00
Full legs (inc. feet and toes) $450.00
Full legs + Basic Bikini line + $50 pubic hair & linea or = $150.00 Brazilian $525.00
Lower legs (inc. feet and toes to 2 inches above the knees) $250.00
Upper Legs $300.00
Upper legs and bikini line + $50 for each add on of Linea, Labia or Peri $375.00
Lower legs and bikini line + $50 for each add on of Linea, Labia or Peri (Feet & toes incl) $325.00
Feet and toes $89.00


**For the loyal client who may require more than 6 treatments, whether you have paid individually or as a package, addtional treatments will be offered at half price of its original price. For example: Regular price for Basic Bikini is $99.00 and a series of 6 treatments has been completed and still require more treatments, any further treatment is offered at cost $45.50.

** Discounts may not be applicable on extremities.
** Prices may be subject to change depending on area to be covered.



Prices are based on the number of pulses required. Smaller areas start at $100.00 for 50 pulses. We will needd to have a consultation so we may assess your needs.

SMALL AREA or HALF FACE (200 Pulses) $350.00
FULL FACE (400 Pulses) $700.00
FULL FACE & NECK (650 Pulses) $900.00

Spider & Facial Vein Removal

Vascular lesions are priced either by number of lesions treated or by time; telangiectasia of the face is in 5 minute increments. When a client is getting treatment on larger area, ie: legs and needs more than a 1/2 hour, each additional 15minutes is $100.00 once completed a full 1/2 hour session. Therefore there are savings of $50.00 for every 15minutes.

5 minutes $ 50.00
15 minutes $150.00
30 minutes $300.00

LASER GENESIS Rejuvenation

Laser Genesis Facial

Full Face $250.00
Full Face and Neck $300.00
For best results a series of 3-6 treatments are recommended. Many clients will stay for a deluxe Mask for an additional $25.00.

Scar Tissue & Stretchmark Reduction


Pricing: starting from $50.00

Pricing is on an individual basis based on the number of pulses are needed to conver the area. When we treat scar tissue with Laser Genesis, we bill by the number of pulses; $50.00 for 1000 pulses.

When treating scars or stretchmarks with the AFFIRM Laser, we bill by pulses starting at $100.00 for 50 pulses. Price will vary depending on the number of pulses required. A consultation is needed prior to any treatment.

Photo Rejuvenation / IPL - complexion blending at its best


Single Spots Starting at $30.00

Full Face

Add Hands Or Neck $50.00
Full Chest $250.00

Luxury Signature Facials


Deluxe Spa Facial add Booster of Genesis $50 / 2000 pulses $125.00

Blemish + AGE Facial (Acne / Congested) add Booster of Genesis $50 / 2000 pulses


Gentlemen's Facial $100.00
Express Facial/ Basic Facial $85.00
Teen Facial $75.00



$115.00 / Treatment
$125.00 / Treatment Micro & LED




New disposable needle included with every treatment. We also have a Carl Ziess microscope to aid in the visibility of the finest of hairs.


1/4 hour $30.00
1/2 hour $55.00
3/4 hour $80.00
1 hour $100.00


Area Price
Lip $5.00
Sides $15.00
Cheeks $20.00
Full face $25.00
Brow Shaping Basic to Full shape $20.00 to $25.00
Bikini Basic to Brazilian. For male clients, prices will vary depending on how much of the area is covered. Up to $60.00 $20.00 to $35.00
Underarms $10.00
Lineal Line $6.00 to $10.00
Lower Half Leg $22.00
Lower Half Leg with Basic Bikini to Brazilian $30.00 to $45.00
Full Leg $45.00
Full Leg and Basic Bikini $50.00
Upper Leg $30.00
Upper Half Leg and Basic Bikini $40.00
Full Leg and Basic Bikini including Underarms $60.00
Half Arms 1/2 to 3/4 $20.00 to $25.00
Full Arms to Full Ball of Shoulders $25.00 to $30.00
Full Back $40.00 to $45.00
Chest and Abdomen $30.00 to $35.00
Buttocks Partial to Full $20.00 to $30.00

*When several areas are being done at once, the technician may offer a discount on her discretion.

Permanent Makeup

Fees vary from $300.00 to $800.00 per procedure, depending on the amount of work involved. Eye Brows are $500.00.Skin camouflage is based on an hourly rate. Please call us to schedule a consultation for you.
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