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Men like Laser Hair Removal and like to be groomed in all the same places that the ladies do.

"I've been to The Laser Clinic® to see Jessica for everything from laser hair removal, to facials, to Genesis treatments. Since going on a regular basis my skin cleared up immensely and am very pleased with the hair removal that has taken place on my chest and stomach as a result of the laser treatments. Jessica is very easy to talk to, always lets you know exactly what she's doing and why she's doing it."
~ Aaron K.

Laser Hair Removal

Men Want to Look Good Too!

Men are one of our largest growing clientele. Our gentlemen clients wish to look and feel their best and are now enjoying the benefits of laser technology. The most popular treatment areas include: Chest, Back, Legs, Bikini, Buttocks, Neck and Face. Men who have experienced alternate methods of hair removal will find that laser technology is relatively comfortable compared to waxing. We do use cool packs or a Zimmer which blows cool air to help desensitize the area and protect the epidermis.

The Laser Clinic specializes in Laser Hair Removal for men

Treat the Hair Before it Goes Grey...

When hair is a good candidate for the laser it usually takes 4-6 sessions to give a really nice permanent reduction. A man's back is an anomaly because for many hair does not begin to grow until their late 30s. While we assure our clients that the back can be successfully treated, we do advise that it will often require treatments at longer intervals and to expect a certain amount of maintenance for the best results. Many of our clients who have suffered acne scars on the chest or back are pleasantly surprised at the regenerative effects that the laser has had on their skin. It looks healthier and smoother.

The Five O'clock Shadow Driving You Crazy?

To look well-groomed and tailored our male clients like to have the front and back of their necks treated. The 5:00 shadow can be a thing of the past... Some of our male clients are looking to just reduce the amount of hair growth; others wish to eradicate it completely.

Please feel comfortable to call or email your questions to

905 850-SKIN(7546) or 416 828-SKIN(7546) or 1 877 LASER US

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"Jessica is a pleasure to deal with. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the client is well looked after during all treatments. Her outstanding customer focus combined with her commitment to obtaining excellent results is highly evident."

laser hair removal for men in Toronto

“I had an operation to remove a pre-cancerous growth from my left cheek. The operation left me with a large scar and numerous visible blood vessels, which were brought to the surface by the operation, further accentuating the scar. I knew absolutely nothing about laser treatments but an employee highly recommended a visit to Jessica. After only one visit Jessica had eliminated most of the blood vessels and made the scar considerably less noticeable. After 3 visits all of the offending blood vessels have been removed and the results have been amazing. All my friends now think I’m a fast healer but the real secret was Jessica and her vast skill and knowledge of laser and it’s effects on skin. THANK-YOU JESSICA!!!”
~ Rick W.

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